Our Company's Approach to Sustainability

Building a sustainable future through our connection with the past

SMBC Nikko Securities was founded in 1918 on the principle of "co-existence and co-prosperity", a mission that has guided us for over a century in the service of our clients and the community. The idea, passed down from one generation to the next, has always been a force for sustainability, helping us respond quickly to social issues as both a business and concerned corporate citizen.

Today, the challenges are bigger than ever—global issues like climate change and human rights issues, including the implications for the supply chain. Japan faces additional pressure from demographic change, namely a "super-aged" society and population decline.

Finance plays an increasingly important role in meeting these challenges. Our duty as a broker is providing the connection to the capital markets and the funding needed to solve these issues. Our financial services and solutions help connect issuers tackling challenges like decarbonization with investors that want to make a difference.

Our products and services are tailored to the client—whatever their station in life—to facilitate stable asset formation. We go out of our way to educate investors and give them the financial literacy they need to choose the right product or service.

We are not just a broker—we are a proud member of the SMBC Group and the global franchise. By tapping the full potential of the group platform, we provide our clients with full-service solutions in support of business model development and new industry formation. Together, our goal is to build the foundations for the next generation of development.

Building a better tomorrow to be the best corporate citizen we can be

Our dedication to our founding principle has not wavered. The times may change but, after a century of service, we are as committed as ever to meeting new challenges head on. We take our corporate responsibility seriously and will continue to do our part to build a better tomorrow.

This includes supporting non-profits through our pro-bono work program. Our program is unique—we encourage staff to use some of their time on the clock to share their knowledge and expertise with others. We are not just a good corporate citizen; we are a team of caring individuals finding a way to have an impact.

We believe in a sustainable society and the need to address evolving social issues through new financial services and solutions. Building a brighter future starts today.