Press Release

Press Release

June 1, 2005
Nikko Cordial Securities Inc.

Tie-up with Yahoo Japan Corporation in Securities Intermediary Service

We are pleased to announce that Nikko Cordial Securities Inc. (Junichi Arimura, President and CEO; hereinafter, "the Company") has decided to pursue the following business partnership with Yahoo Japan Corporation (Masahiro Inoue, President and CEO; hereinafter, "Yahoo! JAPAN"), in connection with securities intermediary service.


  • 1.Service features
    • Account application processing and brokerage for investment products available at exclusive website
    • Link-up with portal site run by Yahoo! JAPAN
    • Existing and new products to be offered
    • Dedicated desks to be located within the Company's call center
  • 2.Products to be handled (tentative)
    • Stocks (actual stocks, stock mini-investment)
    • Government bonds for individual investors
    • Investment trusts (including foreign-currency-denominated MMFs)
    • Digital covered warrants (popularly known as DigiWarra)
    • Other (new products, etc.)
  • 3.Launch of service
    • Scheduled for August or September
  • *The Company will serve as representative association member when Yahoo! JAPAN registers as sales representative with the Japan Securities Dealers Association.

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This material is an English translation of a Japanese announcement made on June 1, 2005. Although the Company intended to faithfully translate the Japanese document into English, the accuracy and correctness of this translation are not guaranteed and thus you are encouraged to refer to the original Japanese document.