Environment Conservation Initiatives

Environmental Conservation Initiatives

In addition to direct activities such as the reduction in energy and paper consumption and waste discharge, we are proactively promoting other initiatives taking advantage of our position as a securities company, including offering opportunities to invest in companies taking pro-environmental approaches to business so as to support companies in implementing their environmental initiatives.

Handling environmentally conscious products

Through financial products, we actively offer opportunities to invest in companies that take a pro-environmental business approach. In 1999, we started handling the Nikko Eco Fund, the first SRI (Social Responsibility Investment) fund in Japan to introduce a stance on environmental conservation. Since then, we have increased our lineup of environment-related investment trusts.
In February 2010, we commenced handling the SMBC Nikko World Bank Bond Fund. This fund is the world's first fund developed in cooperation with the World Bank to invest in World Bank green bonds. A portion of the profits from this fund are donated to UNICEF and the Japanese Red Cross.

*Green bonds in which this fund invests are a type of bond issued by the World Bank.

ISO14001Environmental Management Systems

To promote environmental conservation initiatives effectively and efficiently, we set up environmental management systems and acquired ISO14001* certification in April 2001, becoming the first Japanese company in the securities industry. We have acquired ISO14001 certification for our business operations in the Tokyo Dia Building to ensure our performance of the initiatives.

*ISO 14001 is an international standard for a system which helps corporations ascertain the environmental impact of their business operations and assist them in making continual improvements in their environmental management through the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology.