Outline of the Business

SMBC Nikko is one of the leading full-line securities company in Japan covering all client segments with a broad range of financial products and services through its international network.

For individual clients, we deliver high-quality asset management consulting services to support best outcomes for their financial objectives in either of two service courses we offer. Under the "General Course," clients can trade financial products while receiving advice, investment information and face-to-face consulting from assigned professionals through our nationwide network of branches, while for the "Direct Course," clients can trade equities on a discounted brokerage commission through our on-line trade or call center services.

For corporate clients, we have set up divisions according to business type in order to accumulate knowledge and best meet clients' specific business needs. Those designated divisions strive to provide corporations, financial institutions, public-service corporations, local public authorities, government organizations or any type of wholesale clients with higher value delivered through teamwork across products, regions and divisions.

In the investment banking business, our professional staff offers corporate clients M&A and financing solutions to support their business strategies in the global age.
In the financial product business, we offer trading capabilities and financial products to accommodate the various needs of our clients, including institutional investors.

Our research service is a platform on which we offer leading information based on our original research. In August 2010, we established the Equity Research Division to research and analyze earnings and stock price trends of sectors and companies to provide investment information.

In overseas markets, we have a framework to respond to customer needs on a global basis by providing services such as underwriting and sales & trading of stocks and bonds, IR support for Japanese customers, and M & A advisory service in collaboration with group companies in Europe, the Americas and Asia (16 offices in 12 countries).

To meet the diversified needs of our clients, we are committed to providing a wider range of high value-added financial products and services and solutions to be a long-term strategic partner for clients.