Message from the President & CEO

Message from Our President & CEO


In FY22, we faced administrative sanctions relating to the market manipulation. I apologize for any concern the incident may have caused our clients and stakeholders and deeply regret our failure to prevent it. Our #1 priority now is taking corrective action and winning back your trust.

A sound market is vital to enriching lives and the community, and making this connection is our mission. For me, the word "connect" is significant. "Re-start, Re-branding" is a company-wide theme in our medium-term plan (FY2023-25) and we want to maximize our capacity to connect in several ways.

Connecting our values to the trust of our client
SMBC Nikko Securities was founded over a century ago in 1918 on the core values of "Kindness and Honesty" and "Co-existence and Co-prosperity". In 2009, we joined the SMBC Group to become a full-line broker, adopting the business model pioneered by the megabanks and the former big four brokerages. Our commitment to our founding values has not changed—the client must come first and our integrity is the only way to build a lasting connection with the client.

Connecting with a brighter future
The world is in the midst of a major paradigm shift and we must tap the power of capital markets to address the social issues arising from such change. Carbon neutrality is just one example and large investments will be needed to protect the environment. The capital markets can help, and we are prepared to do our part to connect funding with a brighter future.

Connecting savings to increased prosperity
Japan's workforce is expected to shrink as the population ages. Financial institutions, especially brokers, have a major role to play in maintaining prosperity. Japan has roughly two quadrillion in personal financial assets, but the majority is held in the form of savings and deposits. Japan can realize a virtuous cycle of corporate and personal income growth if some of these assets are channeled into productive investment. Finance has the potential to enrich society, and our goal is to connect idle capital with investment opportunities through high-quality financial services and the full might of the SMBC Group.

Connecting sound capital markets
A sound market is a sustainable one. Our duty as gatekeeper is to ensure the integrity of the market through fair dealing and fair price formation. As a market intermediary, we connect investors via highly reliable trading infrastructure and issuers through high-quality products and services.

As an organization, our ability to thrive depends on the individual connections we make. Building connections one by one is how we find opportunities for more. I hope you will continue to support us in the effort.

Wishing you all the best,
Yuichiro Kondo
President and Chief Executive Officer